How VR Audio works

Here’s a great post from Enda Bates of the Trinity 360 project, talking about 360 degree audio, which is the oft-forgotten half of the VR experience. Now that VR is going mainstream with Oculus Rift finally shipping and Samsung, HTC and Sony all releasing their own headsets to go along with cheaper alternatives like Google Cardboard, we are starting to see a shift towards better audio for VR. Companies like Google are focusing on spatial audio as one of the key components of the VR experience.

I’m lucky enough to get to work often with VR audio as part of my job, so it’s exciting to see it getting more of the attention it deserves as the VR market explodes. Enda’s post is a great rundown of how audio can be captured and rendered for VR and well worth checking out. I’m looking forward to catching the upcoming performance in April to see the result of the work that Enda and crew have been working towards.