This is not what We Usually Mean by ‘Drone Music’…

Flying Drone technology has become cheap enough, and more importantly, precise enough to have the sort of control necessary to play mechanical instruments, albeit with some modifications. This is a really cool video of drones doing just that.

From the original Wired story

The show comes courtesy of KMel Robotics, a startup founded in 2011 by a pair of graduates from UPenn’s GRASP Lab. You might remember GRASP as the outfit responsible for some of the more impressive quadcopter demonstrations of the last few years. This one, developed for the USA Science & Engineering Festival last weekend, involved the development of a few drone-friendly instruments, including a custom-built single-string guitar. Let that be solace. They might rain down terror from the skies, but they still can’t play your Fender.

This goes beyond the idea of simply hacking hardware to produce musical sounds, and robots playing instruments is becoming more and more popular. It’s a great use for something like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Below is a youtube playlist showing some examples and demos of real robots (from mechanical arms/triggers to fully humanoid robots) playing in bands and instruments, including Toyota’s violin playing robot (although they didn’t make it into the home by 2010).


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