CCRMA Summer Workshops

The folks at CCRMA have released the timetable for their 2014 Summer Workshops Series. There’s a great mix of programs available. I’m especially interested in the Music Information Retrieval workshop since I have worked on similar projects in the past, but would be excited to learn the latest techniques and approaches in this field.

MIR is a highly-interdisciplinary field bridging the domains of digital audio signal processing, pattern recognition, software system design, and machine learning. Simply put, MIR algorithms allow a computer to “listen” and “understand or make sense of” audio data, such as MP3s in a personal music collection, live streaming audio, or gigabytes of sound effects, in an effort to reduce the semantic gap between high-level musical information and low-level audio data. In the same way that listeners can recognize the characteristics of sound and music – tempo, key, chord progressions, genre, or song structure – MIR algorithms are capable of recognizing and extracting this information, enabling systems to perform extensive sorting, searching, music recommendation, metadata generation, transcription, and even aiding/generating real-time performance.

Other interesting workshops include Perceptual Audio Coding and Stompbox Design. The full program is listed below.

6/23 – 6/27    Music Information Retrieval:  Jay LeBoeuf, Leigh Smith, Steve Tjoa
6/29 – 7/3      SuperCollider: Fernando Lopez Lezcano and Bruno Ruviaro
7/7 – 7/11      Audio Plug-Ins Designed with Faust: Romain Michon
7/14 – 7/18    Aspects of Sound in Art: Elaine Buckholtz and Sasha Leitman
7/28 – 8/1      Designing Musical Games :: Gaming Musical Design: Rob Hamilton and Chris Platz
8/4 – 8/8        Stompbox Design: Edgar Berdahl and Esteban Maestre
8/11 – 8/15    3D Printing for Acoustics :  John Granzow
8/18 – 8/22    Perceptual Audio Coding:  Marina Bosi and Rich Goldberg
8/25 – 8/29    New Music Controllers: Sasha Leitman and Michael Gurevich

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3 thoughts on “CCRMA Summer Workshops

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your interest in the 2014 MIR workshop! We hope to see you there. If you or anybody else has any questions about the workshop, please feel free to email me at steve at stevetjoa com.


    • Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. I found links to the previous years workshops through your site which I’m looking forward to going through. Will the 2014 workshop have a similar format to the previous years?

      • Yes, the format will be similar, although we are renovating a lot of the lab material away from Matlab to something else like Python. It should be exciting; we are all interested to see how this goes. As for topics, MIR is much larger than our workshop can possibly handle, so we will likely rotate some special topics in and out, but a good portion of the basics will remain.

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