Jukedeck Want to Generate Royalty-Free Music for your Videos

Jukedeck are a UK based startup which is composed (ahem) of software developers, musicians and producers, who have developed a way to automatically generate music to suit any project. Their target is video producers, such as Youtube artists, that need royalty-free music to use without the pain of trawling through royalty-free libraries searching for a

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Tildemash – An Isolated Studio Track Mashup Generator

Andy Baio of waxy.org created this excellent random mashup generator using Isolated Studio Tracks from Youtube. It uses simple javascript to randomly select from a prepopulated array of Youtube url ids for each instrument (vocals, guitar, drums, keyboard) and fills the page with the embedded youtube video for those videos. Once the tracks start playing together wonderful (or not so wonderful)

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Teaching Your Computer What ‘Warmer’ Sounds Like

Sound Engineers and musicians will rejoice with the release of the SAFE project, or Semantic Audio Feature Extraction. The vague descriptions often used to get a particular sound in a mix, are being crowdsourced and applied to the set of VST plugins available for download from the SAFE project website. Users can download the plugin

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