Audio Illusions explained by ASAP Science

I’ve been enjoying the videos from ASAP Science on Youtube recently. These are the same guys that created the ‘How Old Are Your Ears’ video and do a great job of explaining relatively complicated topics in simple and entertaining ways. Below is a video that explains some of the audio illusions from this post in their usual style.

(via Gizmodo)

Illusion Songs

Illusion Songs is a great collection of auditory illusions demonstrating some of the curious ways that our brains perceive sound through the study of psychoacoustics.  The collection includes Shepard Tones/Risset scales, which appear to be forever increasing in pitch, and various demonstrations of streaming, which shows how our brain collects and groups audio information together.

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How the Brain Locates Audio Targets

A recent study from Duke University has shown how our brains process the location of visual and audio stimuli differently. The write-up of the paper at describes the previous model as a kind of ‘zone defense’, where different neurons in the brain are responsible for a different location in space. Which neurons are firing

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