It’s Not a Hoverboard, but Ultrasonic 3D Levitation is Very Cool!

Researchers at University of Tokyo, Nagoya Institute of Technology, University of Tokyo and Sony CSL have demonstrated their technique for manipulating small objects in three dimensions using standing waves created by an ultrasonic phased array.     Acoustic levitation is not a new phenomenon. The technique uses the principle of standing waves to keep a

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RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis

Here is a fascinating use of acoustic analysis to extract the security key used to decrypt secured communications. The attack can extract full 4096-bit RSA decryption keys from laptop computers (of various models), within an hour, using the sound generated by the computer during the decryption of some chosen ciphertexts. We experimentally demonstrate that such

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“It Gives Me The Feeling of Love…”

Wonderful video of a long term nursing home resident (Henry suffers from an unspecified degenerative condition) who opens up when he hears his favourite music. While some research suggests a calming effect of music to increase autobiographical recall in Alzheimer’s patients, what we see in the video is probably more closely related to the reminiscence

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