This is not what We Usually Mean by ‘Drone Music’…

Flying Drone technology has become cheap enough, and more importantly, precise enough to have the sort of control necessary to play mechanical instruments, albeit with some modifications. This is a really cool video of drones doing just that. From the original Wired story – The show comes courtesy of KMel Robotics, a startup founded in

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Audiovisual Tour of the Accents of the British Isles

Although they’ve gotten better, I’ve often had difficulty using products that employ speech recognition – perhaps due to my Irish accent. Dealing with accents programmatically has to be a daunting task given just how many accents there are out there. This short clip below shows just some of the accents in the British Isles alone.

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“This Voice is Only For Me” – Synthetic Voices

As someone who has previously worked in assistive technology and worked with a lot of folks with moderate to severe speech disorders, I was very excited to discover this TED Talk – “Ruba Patel: Synthetic Voices, As Unique as Fingerprints”. It shows how the organization are creating unique voices for recipients, by combining the

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