Rondo Alla Turca is Still Hard to Play on Touch Pianist

Screenshot from the web app Touch Pianist
Touch Pianist is another great HTML 5 Web Audio project, that allows you to play some favorite classical music pieces without having to worry about annoying minor little details like playing the right notes. The web app (and iOS app) responds to key presses or touch events to play the next note or chord in the score. You can play as fast or slow as you like, and play with maximum expression or robotic precision. It takes a while to get the knack for it, but it’s a great simple idea, beautifully executed.

The app is the work of Turkish based sound artist and computer programmer Batuhan Bozkurt, creator of where some of his other projects are showcased.

The premise (and visualization of the music) is similar to games like Rock Band, but it’s not a game.

There is no score keeping, the user is free to perform the music in any way they wish. The premise is that it is really fun to perform a piece you know well, exactly like you feel it with so little effort.

Since the web app and iOS app rely on the Web Audio API, it works best in Chrome and recent versions of Firefox, but as expected IE is not currently supported (the latest preview release of IE however, does appear to support Web Audio so we look forward to that being rolled out). The iOS version allows for added expression through controlling loudness by the location of touch on the screen. The video below shows how it works. It’s a simple premise, with great execution and another great example of the power of web audio.

(Via Metafilter)

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