It Was a Very Good Year – 2014 in Review

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So it’s 2015 already. The end of the year kind of creeped up on me, so I’m definitely pushing against the statue of limitations on ‘Year-End Review’ posts, but since 2014 was a good year, it’d be a shame to miss it!

At the end of the year on December 15th we celebrated 3 years since the very first post on this blog, and it’s come a long way, especially in 2014. Last year was by far the most active, with 52 posts written, an average of 1 per week (which is my goal to maintain again this year).

We started the year talking about 3D Ultrasonic Levitation, which is a great way to visualize standing waves. That post fit in nicely with the theme of visualizing sound, which we saw when we talked about Schlieren-Flow Visualization and Rubens Tubes. On the flipside, we had this amazing Siggraph demo from the folks at MIT who were able to recreate audio from the high-speed video capture of a plant.

In 2014 I got to spend more time coding on some projects. I especially got into the HTML5 Web Audio API to build some fun web apps. The most popular was of course ‘The Disintegrator‘ which allows you to load an MP3 and slowly increase the distortion as it plays. This was featured on Metafilter which was an especially proud moment for me as a long-time member! This ultimately became the most popular post of 2014!

My other favorite project was Hyper-Yakety-Lapse which, like all the best projects, was borne from a stupid random idea.

On the educational side we had a few posts on Digital Audio Basics, such as the Fourier Transform and Sample Rates for digital audio, as well as newer research areas like Compressed Sensing. We also had an interesting post on How Shazam Works which was quite popular.

It was a blast to work on all this stuff in 2014 and I’m looking forward to a lot more of the same in 2015. I especially hope to continue working with Web Audio and hopefully look at mobile audio as well (thanks to a lot more recent exposure in my day-to-day work)

If you have any topics you would like to see covered this year let me know. As you can see we love all things audio-related and would love to hear from you. You can email us or catch us on Twitter or Facebook. There’s also the mailing list to sign up for our monthly newsletter which will highlight the best of for that month.

Here’s to another great year!

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