Yesterday Instagram announced Hyperlapse, their new smoothed time-lapse app for iOS. This will inevitably lead to a proliferation of cool timelapse videos. So I thought it would be necessary for people to add Yakety-Sax (aka the Benny Hill Theme) to their timelapse videos.

I’m not sure exactly if I’m proud of this but, I went ahead and threw together an implementation for desktop browsers using the Web Audio API to add the Yakety-Sax soundtrack on top of the video.

Here it is in action!

What you need to do is

  1. Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar
    Add Yakety SaxBookmarklet in Toolbar
  2. Go find your Hyperlapse video on Instagram.com. The url should look like this.instagram url
    From your profile you may need to click on go to video page. How to go to instagram video page
  3. Click the bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar
  4. Hit play on the video and enjoy your Yakety-Sax-ified Hyperlapse
  5. Here’s one I made earlier!

    Update 9/15/2016: Instagram updated the url format of their videos and also now use the HTML5 video tag (yay!). I fixed the bookmarklet and example link to use these new urls, so Hyper-Yakety-Lapse is back in action

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