Karaoke Fun with the Web Audio API

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I’ve been learning a lot about the Web Audio API features built into HTML5 enabled browsers and brushing up on my javascript skills at the same time. I’ll be writing a post tomorrow to explain what it is, and how it works, but above is the result of some of my experimentation. This mini web app allows you to load a file from your computer and play it back normally, play it in reverse or play it ‘karaoke style’. The karaoke style is a simple technique to remove whatever is panned centre in a stereo file, which is usually vocals, giving you a kind of instrumental only version.

There’s a lot that’s wrong with this example app, mostly the fact that it’s not really supposed to handle long tracks (so no Stairway – denied!), but as a fun thing to click around with it works pretty well. If you do load a full length song, the ‘reverse’ and ‘karaoke’ buttons might take a few moments to process.

(Update 04/25/14: Apparently Wordpress often strips HTML from posts so apologies if this wasn't working for you if you tried it in the last few days)
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