Music Notation Software

Since my sight reading isn’t exactly up to par these days, I tried to find good, easy-to-use, online music notation software that could play back via midi so I could hear what a snippet of a score sounded like. (Specifically the background to this Hans Zimmer twitter profile).

Digging around I did find Noteflight, which was easy to get started with, but ultimately I found difficult to use and not intuitive enough to where I could easily replicate a piece of score. I also discovered Scorio which looks like a nice app, but the online version had me flummoxed as I couldn’t figure out how to do anything. It seems to work better on Chrome than on Firefox, unless it was related to adblock/flashblock issues.

I abandoned my short-lived search, but today I found a question on Ask Metafilter looking for similar tools, which reminded me of the existence of Noteworthy Composer and a free to download version of Finale.

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