I stumbled across Wavosaur, a free audio editor, while researching some VST Reverb plugins (The ones in the post I found are free and worth checking out).

Wavosaur Screenshot

Wavosaur – Free Audio Editor

It’s a fully featured standalone executable (no installation needed, which is a big plus for me) which works with both ASIO and MIME output. As well as the standard editing features such as trimming, mixing, fading etc, it supports VST plugins simply by pointing to the .dll files. It also has some useful filters built-in.

Also worth checking out is the authors blog. They provide good resources, tutorials and tips and advanced techniques (such as the good old ‘vocal extractor‘ which I’ve written about before) to get the most out of the software. At a mere 3MB, It’s definitely worth throwing onto a USB drive to be able to run from any Windows machine anytime (apparently also possible to run in Linux with Wine).

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