Gibber – A Live Coding Environment

Gibber is a browser based live coding environment developed by Charlie Roberts at the Media Arts & Technology program at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Gibber is a creative coding environment for audiovisual performance and composition. It contains features for audio synthesis, 2d drawing, 3d scene construction and manipulation, and live-coding shaders.

There are a lot of powerful features and it is definitely worth just getting in and getting your hands dirty with writing some code. There are some tutorials and sample code provided on the site, but the beauty of live coding of course is that you can hack away and get instant results.

Gibber is a live coding environment. Simply put, this means code can be interpreted and executed at will. To execute a line of code, place your cursor on it and hit Ctrl+Enter. This will also work with a block of selected code. Selecting all code in a column and hitting Ctrl+Enter will effectively run the entire sketch (aka Giblet).



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