Good Vibrations in Stereo

Derry Fitzgerald at the Audio Research Group, Dublin Institute of Technology appeared on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio to talk about up-mixing ‘Good Vibrations’  into Stereo.

We marked 50 years since the Beatles’s first single ‘Love Me Do’ last week, also in 1962 a new band called the Beach Boys were starting out on the other side of the Atlantic, hits included Good Virbations, Surfin USA, I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda & Californian Girls. In studio with John this morning is Derry Fitzgerald, who has created a remix of Good Vibrations, which features on the band’s Smiley Smile album.

The technique used to extract the various musical parts is discussed in his paper “UPMIXING FROM MONO – A SOURCE SEPARATION APPROACH”.

You can listen to the interview here, although ironically the recording of the interview is in mono so you can’t actually hear the difference in the clips played during the interview itself, but you can hear snippets of the remix in this report instead.

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