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Incredibox is a fun beatbox web app with a neat drag and drop interface you can use to create your own compositions using a toolbox of preset sounds.

Between creation and entertainment, Incredibox invites you to become the conductor of a group of human beatbox. The application allows everyone to express its musicality through a fun and easy to use interface, and to share original compositions to friends!

Incredibox is an original idea created by the graphic design & mixed media studio So Far So Good. The first version of the site, launched in august 2009, was rewarded, upon its release, with a FWA (Favourite Website Awards), a reference in web innovation.

You can choose from a number of presets including beats, effects, melodies and voices and arrange them into your composition, which you can record and share. The interface features some lackadaisical looking characters who perform the chosen preset when  you drag it from the toolbar onto their character.

The composition workspace

It’s a fun application, good for a brief diversion. You can also listen to some previously recorded compositions that have been shared by others.

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