Techchrunch just tweeted about a free online app for making music called Musicshake. It’s an interesting concept, designed to make building songs (building is definitely the operative word) easy. You create songs by setting the tempo (they have a wizard for different styles to get you started) and adding instruments garageband style. Where they make life easier for the budding producer is that instead of having to record your tracks, you simply highlight the block to add that part and fill from their large library of samples and patterns, and some intelligent programming to automatically align the samples fits them together into a cohesive track. The various settings allow you to adjust the harmonic structure, and individual track/instrument settings to make the song your own. All the samples are royalty free, so you can use the finished tracks in your personal projects such as youtube videos, or license them for a $20 fee for commercial projects.

Five minutes of playing around with it and I was able to put a track together, (even though I picked rock/metal, my track sounded anything but), so it’s definitely easy to build something and get started. The user interface is not as intuitive as you’d like for an app that is now targeted towards the classroom, but the quick guide is pretty easy to follow.

The website also has a sort of community for song-creators to post and share their music.

Overall it’s a neat idea, and a fun app to play with, which should be useful for classes to teach how the different parts affect a track.


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