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Creative Convolution – Part 1

Most musicians who also hang around on the other side of the mixing desk will likely have encountered convolution in its most common application for musicians and producers – reverb. A convolution reverb (such as the well known Waves IR-1

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Last week I posted on twitter about an upcoming paper to be presented at SODA (Symposium on Discrete Algorithms). The new algorithm for the calculation of the Nearly Optimal Sparse Fourier Transform (Abstract). This new algorithm for certain specialized cases

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Techchrunch just tweeted about a free online app for making music called Musicshake. It’s an interesting concept, designed to make building songs (building is definitely the operative word) easy. You create songs by setting the tempo (they have a wizard

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Google Calculator and Graphs

I use google’s built in search features a lot, especially for converting units such as mm to inches, Fahrenheit to Celsius and so on. You just type the query directly into the search field and voila.     Recently Google

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Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra

A wonderfully entertaining look at orchestral music from Bill Bailey (if you haven’t seen him before check out Bill Bailey: Part Troll or Black Books), whether you’ve memorized your Study of Orchestration inside out or are pretty new to the

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How engineers create artificial sounds to fool us

An interesting article on how engineers create sounds for products to match our expectations. When we expect a certain sound, such as the noise of a car door closing, silence is very unsatisfying. So to compensate for this, engineers play

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Linux Audio Conference at Stanford.

The Linux Audio Conference 2012 is taking place at Stanford University from April 12th to 15th.This year the event will be hosted by CCRMA. The Linux Audio Conference is the international conference about Open Source Software for music, sound and

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